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Camp Adair by Don Lynch
They called it "Swamp Adair"

During World War II, enlisted men from all 48 states came to an army cantonment--temporary quarters for troops--called Camp Adair.

The camp was located in the mid-Willamette Valley six miles north of Corvallis, Oregon.

From 1942 to 1944, over 100,000 soldiers trained for combat at Camp Adair. About 34,000 of those soldiers trained with infantry divisions.

Camp Adair had an impact on the lives of the soldiers sent there, on the land and people of Benton County, and on the regional economy.

WWII U.S. soldier in uniform, Camp Adair, Oregon, USA
Soldier in uniform

Hrach Yacoubian, 1943, Camp Adair, Oregon, USA, WWII

"Among the enlisted personnel stationed at Camp Adair is one of the nation's outstanding violinists, Hrach Yacoubian, who doesn't include in his repertoir "Pistol Packing Mama." (Camp Adair Sentry, 1943/10/29, p. 5, columns 2 & 3)


Camp Adair barracks, near Corvallis, OR, USA, WW2
Camp Adair barracks
WWII Camp Adair training exercise, Oregon, USA
R&R at Avery Park, Corvallis, Ore., United States
"They were sailors for a day at Avery's Park, Corvallis,Sunday. At least a few were as the 70th Division Recon troops held a big picnic, replete with 3.2, hot dogs, sports -- and beautiful, sunshiny Oregon weather. Shown at their boats are Tec 5 and Mrs. Liberi, Tec 5 Burkhardt, Jean Hanson and Tec 5 Bostian." (Camp Adair Sentry, 1944/07/14, p. 8, column 1 & 2. U.S. Army Signal Corps file # 9SC-44-CA-1039.)


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