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Oregon's Second Largest City

At a time when the population of Corvallis was only 14,000 people, as many as 30,000 to 50,000 soldiers and civilian employees lived and worked in nearby Camp Adair. Camp Adair became Oregon's second largest city; only Portland was larger.

The Army constructed about 1,700 buildings at the camp, including barracks, machine shops, stores, kitchens, theaters, hospitals, and chapels.

Camp Adair post card

Camp Adair dedication
Dedication and raising of the flag that flew in front of the headquarters building at Camp Adair.

Approximate boundries of Camp Adair, OR
Approximate boundaries of Camp Adair, 1942

Aerial view of Camp Adair, Oregon.

Camp Adair extended from about two miles north of Lewisburg in Benton County to two miles south of Monmouth in Polk County.

Adair Boosts Local Economy

Many local merchants supplied goods and services to build Camp Adair and serve it throughout the war. Food, building materials, and local housing all went toward the war effort. As a result, the regional economy profited. As the area emerged from an economic recession, most residents welcomed job opportunities offered by the camp.

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