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Benton County Historical Society, Philomath, Oregon
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Ekphrasis: Poets Ponder Photographs

Dance photo diptych by Scobel Wiggins
Photography diptych
by Scobel Wiggins



I could write multi-verses on multiverses
if I fully grasped the concept.
I can't write a uni-verse
on the universe either.
I do not know in how many dimensions
my sentient essence resides concurrently.
Scientists proclaim parallel universes,
eleven dimensions, bubbled galaxies,
string theory, m-theory,
brane bumping brane in flat or curved universes.
In different dimensions we could be living alternative lives.
Perhaps deceased loved ones thrive in another reality
and our dream lives are experienced there.
Who knows where our consciousness travels and dwells?
Scientists have not developed their Theory of Everything
for this planet let alone all the possible universes.
Invisible to our limited sensory equipment
all these alternate perceptions of being ,
simultaneous lives connected to our individual selves
take deviations from our currently lived trajectory.
In many dimensions I could live variations of choices.
My mistakes in this realm might not be taken in another realm.
My talents and contributions could be greater,
my journeys' impacts more beneficial elsewhere.
How do other beings in other dimensions influence me
here or anywhere my spirit exists?
Perhaps heaven is just one of these dimensions
and as our qi leaves Earth, it has options.
I thought I'd go to the Pleiades next incarnation,
but maybe I should see what other dimensions
and multiverses might be offering.
If I could recall my many lives in many dimensions,
maybe I could write multi-verses of times in multiverses.
Cosmic couplets, quarky quatrains, celestial syllabics,
galactic ghazals, fusion free verse, numinous nonce forms-
spark light in dark energy,
brain on brane with poetic license
explore the infinite of the cosmos.

by Linda Varsell Smith

Linda Varsell Smith taught creative writing and children's literature at LBCC and still teaches Write Your Life Story. She coordinates Fooling Around With Words workshops, DaVinci Days Poetry Slam and is an editor at Calyx Books. For many years she served on the board of the Oregon State Poetry Association( 10 as President) and she is currently president of PEN Women in Portland.  Linda is affiliated with Marys Peak Poets, Poetic License and the Wednesday Salon.  She and husband Court were Celebrate Corvallis Patrons of the Arts in 2007. She co-sponsors two writing contests for youth and wrote four books of poetry and 12 young adult fantasy novels.

Linda Varsell Smith poetry reading
Poet Linda Varsell Smith