Basket Crib

Corner with block


Handle, fabric and quilting detail


Description of Top

Scrap basket crib quilt (35 ¾" square) in reds and blues on white ground. Quilt top is cotton. Fabric patterns: dot, floral, geometric, conversation print (hearts) and solid. Nine patterned basket blocks (6 5/8" square) alternate with 4 plain blocks, 6 half blocks, and 4 quarter blocks. Set is 3 x 3 on point. Basket handles machine stitched down. Three plain borders: blue (1 3/8"), pink dot (1 3/8"), and white (1 3/8").

Quilt Back

Printed fabric that is also used on top. Multiple horizontal pieced stripes.


Hand quilted sparse to medium quantity of stitches, medium to large fineness. Quilting patterns: filler, outline (around the baskets).


Edges are straight, corners square. Applied binding, cut on grain.


Moderate binding wear, dye fading, patch evident.


Possibly same maker as Object ID 11281 (SC #1), several fabrics match. SC identifies as "cradle quilt."

Accession number H11286

Descriptive data collected by Elizabeth Hoffman and Shannon Myers, January 2001