Broken Dishes

Woven plaid and quilting pattern

Quilting detail


Description of Top

Scrap silk overall patterned quilt (85" x 78") in purple, light green, rust, black and jewel tones. Fabric pattern is structural (e.g., woven plaid, stripe, rib) and solids. Block is identified by Brackman (Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns, 1193a) as "Broken Dishes," "A Simple Quilt Block," and "The Double Square." SC states: "I have never been able to decide what pattern she used—there are aspects of the windmill, probably we should just class it as belonging to the mosaic group." Blocks (5" square) are set 16 x 14; 224 blocks total. Block orientation is straight and tangent. Outer rows of blocks are darker. Two borders are pieced (inner purple 1 3/8- 1 ¾", outer black 2 ¼").

Quilt Back

Silk pieces including rust, brown, and black.


Hand-quilted, @ 8 stitches per inch. Heavy in quantity, medium quality. Quilt pattern is allover cross-hatch done with black thread.


Edges are straight, corners are rounded. Self bound, backing brought to front.


Moderate damage: fabric deterioration—especially on borders.


SC notes that batting is "wool or fleece."

Accession number H11285

Descriptive data collected by Elizabeth Hoffman and Shannon Myers, January 2001