Caesar’s Crown

Block design

Close-up of fabric deterioration


Description of Top

Caesar's Crown pieced quilt (96" x 41") in yellow and cream that has been cut in half. Quilt top is cotton. Fabric pattern includes a printed floral. Repeated pattern blocks are alternated with plain blocks. Blocks measure 13 ½" x 13 ½". There are 10 patterned and 11 plain blocks in this quilt half. There is no border.

Quilt Back

Backing is muslin.


Hand-quilted @ 10 stitches per inch. Quantity of stitches is heavy, quality is fine though it varies in some blocks. Cross-hatch pattern is used.


Edges of quilt are straight, corners are square. Self-bound, front brought to back.


Damage is extensive: fabric deterioration, tears, quilt cut in half/whip stitch used to hold batting in.


SC states: "Very appropriately, this 'Caesar's Crown', is all 'gold'. However, it is sometimes made of many different calicoes. The name undergoes a change in this quilt according to the arrangement and choice of colors. I have one made about 50 years ago in southern Pennsylvania of green, with red patches between green points around the rim, which the woman told me was 'Strawberry Patch.' Done in bright colors, with some green pieces, it becomes the 'Full Blown Tulip.' This is the first quilt in your collection to introduce the use of concave, convex arcs—the most difficult task in piecing."

Accession number H11293

Descriptive data collected by Elizabeth Hoffman and Shannon Myers, January 2001