Evening Star

"Star of Many Points" or "Evening Star" quilt

Deliberate "error" block placement


Description of Top

Purplish brown evening star pieced quilt (90" x 87"). Quilt top is cotton. Fabric patterns are printed and include floral and geometric motif. There are 256 full blocks (128 pieced in evening star pattern, 128 alternate plain blocks). Set is 16 x 16. Block orientation is straight. Quilt has one pieced, plain border of variable width

Quilt Back

Quilt back is muslin in three pieces.


Hand stitched @ 7 stitches per inch, heavy quilting, medium to large fineness of stitches. Quilting pattern is all over and filler quilting. Cross hatch used in alternate plain blocks, diagonal in patterned blocks.


Edges are straight, corners square. Self bound, backing brought to front.


Moderate binding area wear, dye fading, stains, fabric deterioration.


SC notes that two blocks on border row are deliberate mistakes (are made "inside out") to protect against "evil eye." She states that "one often finds this switching of parts of one block, in the old quilts." SC also notes that her mother called this pattern: "Star of Many Points," but in the Midwest it is called "Evening Star."

Accession number H11283

Descriptive data collected by Elizabeth Hoffman and Shannon Myers, January 2001