Feathered Star quilt, circa 1825-1850

Feathered Star quilt detail

Chintz border detail


Description of Top

Red and white pieced feather star quilt (83 ½" square) with green, pink, & brown chintz border. Quilt top is cotton. Regular deterioration of red fabric suggests dot pattern, chintz predominately floral. Structure consists of 16 star blocks, average size 16 ½" x 17", set 4 x 4. Nine full white inset squares, 12 half blocks and 4 corner blocks. Block orientation is straight, block arrangement is alternating star and plain blocks. One border on four sides, same size, 7-8".

Quilt Back

Muslin in four pieces. Note: inked stamp "Lowell Bleachery Finish" (eagle cartouche motif) on muslin back.


Hand quilted fine to large stitches, medium to heavy quantity. Quilting patterns: filler, crosshatch, feathers, floral, vines, chevrons.


Quilt edge straight, corners square. Binding: self bound, backing brought to front.


Moderate wear to quilt, fabric deterioration, stains and holes.


Unusual combination of border fabric with feathered star motif. Unusual construction method of feathered star. Further research on muslin backing — flour sacks? Chintz fabric exceptional. SC notes: "the many seeds in the wadding, as well as broken pieces, lead me to believe that this quilt was made between 1825 and 1850." She also states: "I do not know whether the wide border is imported English chintz, or the American 'oiled calico.' "

Accession number H11287

Descriptive data collected by Elizabeth Hoffman and Shannon Myers, January 2001