Laurel Album quilt originated prior to 1847 in the Washington, D.C. area. Appliqued red flower and green leaves and stem; lattice set. Fan quilting motif inset and border. 259 x 256 cm.

Description of Top

Red and green on white ground Laurel pattern appliqué quilt (98 ½" x 98") with unusual sashing and signature blocks. Dates marked in signature blocks include: 1845, 1847. Quilt top is cotton. Fabric patterns are printed, floral design and snowflake-like. Novelty items include a stamped inscription. Structure of top: 16 appliqué blocks (15 ¾" square) applied with invisible hand stitching. Block orientation is straight, block arrangement includes sashing. Sashing is wide grid-like pattern (6 7/8" in width). Posts (intersecting blocks in sashing): 1 ½" red, 4" white, 1 ½" red. Surface design: signatures include red embroidery floss, inked & stamped, and pen & ink. Cross stitch and stem stitch embroidery used. Borders: inner white (4"), outer red (1 5/8").

Block Indentification

 1     2     3      4
 5     6     7      8
 9    10   11    12
13   14   15    16

Inscriptions Include:

Block 5: John Jacob Faubel(?), 1845

Block 6: XX, III, 18, 47

Block 8: Sabrina (?) Ann Nantz, 1845

Block 10: Stamped Mary Mohler

Block 11: Ann, George, Ruk (?), 1845

Block 13: Katherine Nantz, March 1861 (?)

Block 15: August, 1847 Mary Nantz.

Signature blocks: 3 embroidered, 3 inked, and one stamped. Borders: 2 plain, 4" white and 1 5/8" red.

Quilt Back

Muslin in four pieces.


Hand quilted, medium to heavy quantity, fine quality. Quilting patterns: decorative borders, echo quilting around laurel leaves, filler, and outline quilting; feather, cable.


Edges straight, corners square. Self bound, backing brought to front.


Extensive damage: dye fading, fabric deterioration (little dots in red fabric gone in consistent pattern suggest dye corrosion), stains, tears/holes.


Wedding quilt (?) Nantz family research needed. Top three laurel leaves on each block red. Block 9, 12, 15, and 16 different greens than rest of blocks. Good example of signature quilt.

Accession number H11298

Descriptive data collected by Elizabeth Hoffman and Shannon Myers, January 2001