Block and quilting detail

Border and binding detail

Border rosebud detail


Description of Top

Red and green on cream Lily patterned quilt (96 ½" x 98 ½") with appliquéd vine border. Quilt top is cotton. Fabric patterns are printed floral, geometric, and solids. Block pattern is pieced and appliquéd. Set is 7 x 7, 49 patterned blocks, alternating with 36 plain blocks, 28 partial blocks and 4 corner blocks. Each block measures @ 8 ½-9 ¼" square. Block orientation is on point. Border width is 5" and carries vine and rose bud border. Rose buds are all different. One corner vine curves around, the other three stop.

Quilt Back

Muslin in four pieces.


Hand-quilted, @ 10 stitches per inch. Quantity: heavy, medium fineness. Quilting patterns are filler and outline, grapes, vines, wreaths, bouquets, pomegranate, feathers. Alternate plain blocks heavily quilted in wreaths.


Edges are straight, corners square. Applied binding cut on grain.


Damage minimal: Dye fading, stains, tears from dye rotting cloth.


Good quilt to show how different fabrics age (e.g., some reds have held up better than others). SC quotes Ruth Finley in her notes detailing the many different names for this pattern including: "Wood Lily," "Meadow Lily," "Tiger Lily," "North Carolina Lily, " "Mountain Lily," "File Lily," "Prairie Lily," and "Mariposa Lily."

Accession number H11295

Descriptive data collected by Elizabeth Hoffman and Shannon Myers, January 2001