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Black running stitch detail

Pomegranate Quilt

Description of Top

Appliqué and pieced pomegranate wheel patterned quilt (81 ½" x 63 ½") in red, green, orange, and pink on white. Quilt top is cotton. Fabric patterns are solid and geometric. Appliqué pattern has elements of pomegranate, love apple, vine, and tulip. Wheel has 12 spokes. Wheel center is hexagon mosaic. Six blocks (26" square) in 2 x 3 set. Block orientation straight, blocks tangent (blocks next to each other with no sashing). Appliqué edges turned under, running stitch with black thread. Border on two sides (5-5 ½") with vine and tulip appliquéd motif.

Quilt Back

Loosely woven muslin.


Hand quilted, heavy quantity with medium fineness @ 8 stitches per inch. Quilting patterns: filler, wreaths, flowers, diagonal, fleur de lis, stipling to make raised surface.


Quilt edge straight, corners slightly rounded. Applied binding, cut on grain.


Minimal to moderate damage, stains, tears.


Unusual, graphic, appliqué pattern. Interesting use of black running stitch. SC states: "This quilt has obviously been cut down, probably to utilize the best that remained of it for a Trundle bed." She also states: "greens appear to be home dyed."

Accession number H11296

Descriptive data collected by Elizabeth Hoffman and Shannon Myers, January 2001