Appliquéd hearts in center of quilt

Quilting in wreath center. Scorching damage?

Binding of scalloped edge

Roses and Bells Bridal Quilt

Description of Top

Four block rose wreath quilt (85" x 76") with vine border in red, green, and blue on cream ground. Also called "Roses & Bells" (2.67,Brackman's Encyclopedia of Appliqué). Quilt top is cotton. Fabric pattern is solid, except for binding. Four rose wreath blocks (29" x 28 ¼") are set 2 x 2. Blocks are straight and tangent (blocks next to each other with no sashing). Additional appliqué includes four hearts with cross in center of quilt. Appliqué includes a reverse appliqué technique in border. Invisible hand stitching used to apply appliqué. Border pattern is vine. Borders vary in size (bottom edge 11", side borders 9"). Difference in color also noted.

Quilt Back

Muslin in three pieces.


Hand quilted, @ 10 stitches per inch. Medium to heavy quantity, medium fineness. Quilting patterns: filler quilting, diagonal, floral motif (dahlia?) in center of wreaths.


Scalloped edges on three sides, straight on top. Corners rounded. Applied binding cut on grain.


Minimal to moderate wear, stains (scorching?) Part of scallop on binding machine stitched (possible repair?)


SC identifies this quilt as a bridal quilt evident from the four hearts in the center. She suggests that it was finished at a later date, which would explain differences in color and abrupt way vine ends on border. SC states: "Mother got this in West Virginia about 1930, dirty and forlorn then. I have some pieces of quilting that are reported to have been made before 1800 that have that same greenish blue in them."

Accession number H11300

Descriptive data collected by Elizabeth Hoffman and Shannon Myers, January 2001