Current Exhibitions

The Benton County Historical Society & Museum hosts diverse art and history exhibitions in two exhibition halls at the Philomath, Oregon, museum campus.

The Moreland Auditorium serves as both a fine art gallery and a tasteful community gathering venue.

Monterey Jazz Festival Posters by Earl Newman 

March 13, 2020 – August 8, 2020

Silkscreen artist Earl Newman has designed and produced Monterey Jazz Festival posters every year since 1963. Unlike mass-produced machine prints, each silk-screen print is made by hand. 

Moreland Gallery

Monterey Jazz Festival Posters by Earl Newman

Earl Newman's Monterey Jazz Festival posters fill both galleries at the Philomath Museum!

First Floor Gallery

*Exhibition dates are subject to change. Please call (541) 929-6230 to confirm current exhibition schedule.