Current Exhibitions

Philomath Museum: Moreland Gallery

Two Water Ways: Bill Shumway & Pam Serra-Wenz

April 15 - May 28, 2022

Regional artists, Pam Serra-Wenz and Bill Shumway, have been painting water images featured in their Two Water Ways exhibition series for several years. The Benton County Historical Museum hosts their fourth exhibition, which includes many new works completed during the pandemic.

We’re pleased to announce the first public art reception at the Philomath Museum since before the pandemic. Meet the artists and explore the “Two Water Ways” artwork by Bill Shumway and Pam Serra-Wenz on Friday, May 6, from 5:00-7:00pm at the Philomath Museum.

Philomath Museum: First Floor Gallery

Consumer Culture

May 13 - September 10, 2022

The "Consumer Culture" exhibition at the Philomath Museum exemplifies changes in the patterns of consumption in Benton County, Oregon, over the past century. The objects and photographs in this exhibition were selected from the museum collection to represent themes related to marketing, consumption and cultural identity.

Corvallis Museum
Ann and Ron Marek Gallery

Bruce the Moose, Jim the Fix’r sign, and story of John Horner, founder of the former Horner Museum, are featured in the lobby.

Fred and Mary Brauti Gallery
Julie Green The Last Supper: Final Plates

February 18 - July 3, 2022

Nationally renowned artist and OSU art professor Julie Green (they/them) began this series of paintings in the 1990s after reading about the final meals of those on death row in Oklahoma. This is the first exhibition of the final 200 pieces in this series. In a 2020 artist’s statement Green wrote “For me, a final meal request humanizes death row.” They originally intended to continue this body of work until capital punishment is abolished, but announced that it would end at 1,000 plates after a cancer diagnosis. Green passed away in October 2021.

Collins Family Education & Event Space
Major Arcana

May 19 - June 17, 2022

Oregon State University’s “Major Arcana” 2022 BFA graduation exhibition is at the Corvallis Museum from May 19 – June 17. The Corvallis Museum is located at 411 SW 2nd Street, Corvallis, Oregon.  Opening reception May 19th, 4:00pm.

Mary C. Verhoeven Gallery
Hats & Chairs

The Benton County Historical Society’s collections include 798 hats and 159 chairs. Hats & Chairs is an artistic display of carefully-chosen pairs of familiar and unusual pieces of furniture and headwear. Each has a story to tell and many of these objects represent broader themes in our shared histories.

James and Ashnah Plunkett & Wayne and Verlyne Phillips Galleries
A College Town

This exhibition features some surprising artifacts that were formerly held at Oregon State University’s Horner Museum. Some of those objects were donated to the Horner Museum by members of the public. Others were donated to the museum by OSU’s academic departments for posterity. Come see an 1850s scale from the U.S. Mint, ephemera from the 1942 OSU vs. Duke Rose Bowl, and remnants of student life at OSU.

The exhibition also features art from the BCHS collection that was created by OSU faculty, including Gordon Gilkey, Paul Gunn, Robert Huck, Demetrious Jameson, John Maul, Emanuel Piladakis, John Rock, Nelson Sandgren, Allen Q. Wong and Phyllis Yes.

Peter and Rosalie Johnson Gallery
Benton County

Take a walk around all of Benton County in a geographical representation of the place we call home. Objects and photos have been selected to represent communities from Monroe to Summit, from Alsea to North Albany, and places in between.

Ann and Bill Smart Pocket Gallery
Glowing Rocks

One of the most popular exhibitions in the Horner Museum was the Glowing Rocks. These time-honored favorites have been rehoused in the Corvallis Museum in an interactive exhibition case that will delight young and old.

*Exhibition dates are subject to change. Please call (541) 929-6230 to confirm current exhibition schedule.