Current Exhibitions

The Benton County Historical Society & Museum hosts diverse art and history exhibitions in two exhibition halls at the Philomath, Oregon, museum campus.

The Moreland Auditorium serves as both a fine art gallery and a tasteful community gathering venue.


Plethora of Crows

Plethora of Crows III


Crows themselves are a cacophonous, collaborative bunch and this exhibit will certainly reflect that energy with lots of surprises, including guest artists and plenty of chatter between artworks.

In 2014 painter Bill Shumway and photographer Don Ferguson began a collaborative art project focusing on crow imagery. Plethora of Crows III includes art by Joan Linse, Leslie Green and some of her Evergreen collaborative group members; some of the Critique Group members that Bill has worked with for three decades, including Mark Allison, Carol Chapel, Judith Sanders and Faye Cummins; and works from Bill’s Abstract Critique Group members, including Pam Serra-Wenz and Sue Noel.


Moreland Gallery


Around the World from 80 Countries

Nov. 18, 2016-Oct. 14, 2017

“Around the World from 80 Countries” features fascinating artifacts from the Benton  
County Historical Society collections.  Most of the objects in this exhibition were
formerly part of the Horner Museum artifact collection at Oregon State University.
Benton County Historical Society acquired the Horner Museum collection in order to
preserve this invaluable Benton County asset.  Although the Horner Museum was
originally a compilation of department collections and first emphasized the acquisition
of items related to Oregon history and the natural environment, it later expanded its
educational mission by adding exhibits about other cultures.  Many faculty and alumni
worked in or travelled to other countries and brought back items which they later
donated to the Horner museum. In this exhibition, colorful textiles, interesting tools,
and unusual household items represent cultures and nations from around the globe.

First Floor Gallery

*Exhibition dates are subject to change. Please call (541) 929-6230 to confirm current exhibition schedule.