Karen Illman Miller: The Art of Katazome

May 1 - June 13, 2009

Benton County Historical Society was honored to host Karen Illman Miller: The Art of Katazome, a dramatic exhibition of unique fiber arts. The exhibition was open May 1 through June 13, 2009. There was an opening reception Friday May 1 from 5 to 7 pm.

Since beginning the study of katazome (Japanese stencil dyeing) in 1995, with the American master John Marshall, Karen Illman Miller has become an expert in this traditional Japanese dyeing technique. Miller produces art quilts, silk garment yardage, interior linens, and indigo dyed cotton fabrics.

Karen Illman Miller was a professional marine biologist at Oregon State University and her art is often inspired by her scientific background. This exhibition is a culmination of Miller's life-long interests in science, art, history, and katazome.

Visit Karen Miller's web site at Nautilus Fiberarts.

Karen Miller's Katazome exhibition

"I am now designing my own stencils, inspired by the images which speak most deeply to me, organic patterns and the plants and marine animals of the Pacific Northwest." - K. I. Miller

Karen Miller's Katazome quilt exhibition
Trout Quilts

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The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00-4:30.

Admission is always free!

Karen Miller's Katazome Quilt Exhibition.
Karen Illman Miller: The Art of Katazome
May 1 - June 13, 2009

Karen Miller's Katazome Quilt Exhibition.]

An Oregon Field Guide episode on native dragonflies piqued my curiosity. When I got to looking at dragonflies closely I found that no matter what the body shape or color, the structure of their wings took only two forms. That greatly simplified the number of stencils I had to cut!

Karen Miller's Katazome Quilt Exhibition.

Red Clover
Sunsets are colorful by themselves, but when the foreground is a field of red clover, Wow! This quilt is inspired by a photograph by Mark Ylen, and used with his permission. I saw it on the cover of the GT and posted it on my studio wall for four years, before I finally decided I just had to do it.

Karen Miller's Katazome Quilt Exhibition.

Karen Miller's Katazome Quilt Exhibiton.

Karen Miller's Katazome Quilt ExhibitionKaren Miller's Katazome Quilt Exhibition

November Sunset Noren

Having produced the stencils for the trees I think I have really become a student of the sky. The trees may not change, but the sky varies endlessly. The watercolors I use make the subtle gradations of color possible because I can really more the color around and fade it out to nothing if I want to. If you look south in winter you can sometimes see the moon rising just as the sun finishes setting. It took three noren (traditional door curtains) to span this sky.

Karen Miller's Katazome .Qquilt Exhibition.