Can You Hear Me? Now?

Think of sounds that bring people together: live music, recorded music, the voice of a loved one, the big game on tv. Over the centuries tolling of church and school bells has brought communities together.

When did your family first acquire a television? Have you used a rotary dial telephone or talked on a party line? Today some wireless telephones take better photographs than our old cameras, and use satellites and electronic voices to guide us to our destinations!

Can You Hear Me? Now? was an explorational exhibition of 200 years of sound communication technology from the days of travelling musicians to today's era of cyberspace.


Annual Willamette Valley Scholastic Art Awards

January 15 - February 27, 2010

7th - 12th grade art students compete for scholarships and prizes.

Congratulations to National Award winner Haley Bourke of South Albany High School! Haley Bourke's "Infans" and Miguel Gonzalez's "self portrait" won Gold Medal national awards. The National Gold Medal Award is defined as "The most outstanding works in the nation".


Art: The Fourth 'R'

March 5 - April 3, 2010

Benton County Historical Museum's longest running tradition. Philomath School District students K-12 exhibit their artwork.


Memory of Place: Artistic Impressions of Linn and Benton County Historical Landmarks

April 9 - May 29, 2010

Corvallis Art Guild and Benton County Historical Society presented a juried art show in support of National Historic Preservation Month. The exhibition featured thirty-eight works by eighteen artists.


Ekphrasis: Poets Ponder Photographs

June 4 - July 17, 2010

The term "ekphrasis" dates back to ancient Greece. It refers to art generated in response to other art. Benton County Historical Society presents an exhibition of poetry in response to photography.

Oregon photo journalists Casey Campbell, Andy Cripe and Scobel Wiggins chose some of their favorite photographs for this exhibition. Members of the Marys Peak Poets author poetry in response to the submitted photographs.

An opening reception and poetry reading was held on Friday June 4, 2010.

Explore the poems and photographs >>



July 23 - September 4, 2010

Benton County Historical Museum marks its 30th birthday with a show of highlights from the collections.


A Lasting Impression: Earl Newman Retrospective

September 10 - November 6, 2010

Earl Newman's hand-designed and silkscreened poster prints highlight American jazz, theater, nature and the joy of life.

Earl Newman, who turned 80 in 2010, is an artist of national renown with much to celebrate. This year marked his 50th year as a self-employed professional artist and printmaker. Through the medium of silk-screen, also known as serigraphy, Newman has produced Monterey Jazz Festival posters every year since 1963. He also designs and prints posters for the Oregon Coast Aquarium, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Oregon State University Theater, and much more.

The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., has collected the complete portfolio of Newman's signed and numbered Monterey Jazz Festival posters for their permanent collection. Other rare, out-of-print works are in the Benton County Museum collection. Mr. Newman hosts annual vendor booths at the Oregon Country Faire and at the Newport Jazz Festival.

See Earl Newman on Oregon Art Beat >>>


Philomath Open Studios

November 12, 2010 - January 8, 2011

Members of Philomath Open Studios showcase their work. In addition to being represented at the museum exhibition this holiday season, many Benton County artists also opened their studios to the public on two weekends in November.