With generous support from the Sampler Consortium, BCHS presented "Samplers International: a world of needlework", which showcased historical and contemporary samplers from United States, Mexico, England, Scotland, France, and Scandinavia that were stitched between 1747 and 2011. Approximately half of the exhibition consisted of historical samplers and half were contemporary.

Members of the Sampler Consortium conducted historical and genealogical research into all of the historic samplers in the exhibition. A full color printed catalog[1] was printed, containing more extensive and complete information than is included on this web page.


"BCHS & M: Last week I toured your displays of Samplers. I was not only impressed with the fine designs and workmanship but the presentation was also superior. I learned that that art and craft was so significant in the culture of young people (ala home schooling) in Europe and America. Preservation of those items is paramount and the continuation of the teaching of it also of utmost priority. Thanks for such an enjoyable experience." - D.B., April 26, 2011

"I received my catalogs yesterday and think that the catalog is quite informative, well written and illustrated.  Thanks for including my sampler in this exhibit.  I can hardly wait to show the catalog to my friends." - S.P., April 30, 2011

Categories of needlework samplers in this exhibition included: