Sweet Grief and Permission 2 Play Joint Exhibition

The Benton County Historical Museum was proud to host a joint exhibition of "Permission 2 Play" and "Sweet Grief: Paintings and Poems on Love and Loss." The exhibition was open to the public from May 23 through July 5, 2014. An opening reception was held Friday May 23, 2014, from 5 to 7 pm. The exhibition was sponsored by Samaritan Health Services.

Two friends and a dying husband are at the heart of "Sweet Grief", an art project that brings light to the dark corridors of loss. "Sweet Grief" is a collaborative exploration of painting and poetry by Sentila McKinley and Drew Myron that offers a range of darkness and light, from the heavy weight of loss to the bright glow of gratitude. "To look at death and grief as a gift is not reserved for those who have a defined spiritual journey, but for everyone that has known love" says Sentila McKinley.

"Permission 2 Play: Living Well with Cancer & Healing Through Quilting" is an ongoing class in quilting arts that meets monthly at JanniLou Creations quilt store in Philomath, Oregon. This is a small, informal, and supportive group, open to all cancer diagnosed patients regardless of quilting experience. The quilters share their passion for textile arts, try out new and interesting techniques, and give themselves "Permission 2 Play".