Wednesday, September 28, 10:30, Corvallis Museum

Restoring Sea Otters to the Oregon Coast Bob Bailey of the Elakha Alliance will discuss the history of sea otters in Oregon, the strong cultural ties of coastal tribes to sea otters, and work of the Elakha Alliance, an organization of tribal, nonprofit, and conservation leaders formed to restore sea otters to the Oregon coast. $5 for non-members.

Wednesday, January 18, 10:30, Corvallis Museum

The Oregon Constitution and Benton County: The Roots of Racial Exclusion Bill Robbins will present a lecture on the intentional discriminatory clauses written into the Oregon Constitution of 1857 represented the values of white male immigrants from the states and territories in the upper Midwest, including Missouri, Kentucky, and Tennessee.  Those beliefs, common among most of the white male electorate in other states and territories during and following the Civil War, were codified in the Oregon Constitution. These prejudiced clauses specifically restricted the rights of African American, Native American, and Asian Oregonians. $5 for non-members.