The Corvallis Museum

BCHS to Build a New Museum in Corvallis

  • A World-Class Vision for a New Museum

  • A World-Class Vision for a New Museum

  • A World-Class Vision for a New Museum

  • A World-Class Vision for a New Museum

  • A World-Class Vision for a New Museum

  • A World-Class Vision for a New Museum

  • Expected completion in Spring 2019

You can help build our new museum in Corvallis!



Gifts Received For The New Museum In Downtown Corvallis

Marys Peak Society

$1,000,000 and above

Peter and Rosalie Johnson

Horner Society

$500,000 to $999,999

Ron and Ann Marek
Starker Philanthropy
State of Oregon
Tom Verhoeven (In memory of Mary C. Verhoeven)

Heritage Society

$250,000 to $499,999

Fred and Mary Brauti
Douglas and Kathryn Collins
The Konick Family
M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust

Provenance Society

$100,000 to $249,999

Martha Fraundorf
The James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation
Tina Luskey and Jack W. Peters
Chris and Kate Mathews
Oregon State University
Pastega Family
Wayne and Verlyne* Phillips
Jean Starker Roth*
Hal* and Lois Schudel
Gene and Charlotte Thompson
Cliff and Jo Anne Trow
Chih* and Louise Wang

Curators Society

$50,000 to $99,999

The Collins Foundation
Irving and Martha Dayton
The Franklin Conklin Foundation
The Fred W. Fields Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
The Goodmonson Family
Jonathan and Susan Corcoran Hayes
Betty Emery Miner
The Ralph Hull Foundation
Mark and Alice Rampton
Ralph and Barbara Reed
The Rotary Club of Corvallis
Richard and Doris Waring

Historians Society

$25,000 to $49,999

The Chintimini Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Catherine Cracraft
David and Cecilia Gore
Steven and Norma Jean Kearsley
Andrew and Sharon King
Bob and Janet Larkin
Roger* and Whitney Lindquist
Karen and Edward Miller
Joyce and Michael Nesson
Oregon Cultural Trust
George and Margot Pearson
Neal and Joni Peterson
Shirley and Spencer Peterson
Jim and Lois Rawers
Ann and Bill Smart
Len and Barbara Weber

Collectors Society

$10,000 to $24,999

Mary Benson-Willett
Owen and Ruth Bentley
Compton Family Foundation
Ellen Copeland
Gary Epping
Doug and Patricia Wilson Foley
Dona Gaver
Earl and Linda Hadfield
James D. Hall
James Harper
Rod and Doris Harvey
Dennis and Judy Hedges
Glenn Klein*
Dave and Susan Livingston
David* and Jane* Loomis
Bill and Tammy Mercer
Larry* and Kathie* Merriam
Bob and Pat Newton
Geraldine Olson
Jerry and Judith Paul
Allen* and Jean Peters
Dale Ramsay
Robert and Sarah Rothschild
Mike and Sheila Schweizer
Homer Twedt
Charles and Freda Vars
Steven and Chieko Weiler
Ben* and Elaine Whiteley
Tom and Mariol Wogaman

Founders Society

$5,000 to $9,999

Anonymous (3)
Ann Adams
Tom and Donna Allen
Autzen Foundation
Beverley Beckley
Judy Ann Butler
John and Shirley Byrne
Betty* and Emery Castle
Bill and Jane Corcoran
Corvallis Garden Club
Corvallis High School Class of 1968
Herb and Linda Crew
William A. and Joan B. Davies Family
Carroll DeKock
John and Ellie Erkkila
John* and Dorothy Fenner
Walter Frankel and Curtis Kiefer
Tom and Pat Gallagher
Charles and Marcia Gilson
Marv* and Marlene Gloege
Cliff and Gay Hall
Susan V. Hall
Mark and Janet Halsey
Roy and Anne Hart
Ed and Kathy Heath
Lyle and Sharon Hutchens
John and Sue Ann Irving
Curtis and Susan Johnson
Nancy Kerkvliet
Peter and Nancy Klingeman
Tom* and Patty* McClintock
Craig and Verda McFarlane
Linda Modrell and Keith McCreight
John and Linda Myers
Kansik Rajgopal and Sharyn Efimoff
Richard and Joy Ragsdale
Karen Randolph
Gordon and Kathleen Reistad
Damaris Peck Reynolds*
Bill and Karla Robbins
Carl and Jacque Schreck
Edna Schultz*
Jim and Julie Searcy
Mary Alice Seville
Court and Linda Smith
Richard Thomas
Jim and Doris Van Olst
Tony and Louise Van Vliet
Gloria Werth
Rick Wallace and Patti White
Margaret Walton
Robert C. Wilson*
John and Pem Winquist
Don and Shirley Wirth
Kathryn Wood*
Jon and Merrie Ziady
Lanny and Coral Zoeller

* Deceased