Benton County Historical Society supporters Peter and Rosalie Johnson presented us with a $1 million challenge and we met it! In one year we raised $1 million in new gifts and Pete and Rosalie will match that amount.

Rosalie Johnson stressed the importance of people in the future being able to see the struggles and triumphs of previous generations. “Museums are a link, a bridge, between the past and the future,” she said. Pete added that BCHS was particularly important to the couple because, “The Society’s museum is in some ways Oregon State University’s museum too since it now houses the former Horner Museum collection.”  

We are now entering the next phase of fundraising. If you would like to discuss a gift or know of others who might add their support, please contact Executive Director Irene Zenev at the museum, 541.929.6230.

Corvallis Museum Contributors

We gratefully acknowledge the following donors who have contributed to the new Corvallis Museum.

Anonymous (1)
Anonymous (2)
Anonymous (3)
Anonymous (4)
Anonymous (5)
Ann Adams and Steve    Nelson
Kevin Ahern and Indira Rajagopal
Tom and Donna Allen
Mr. Fred Allen
Marlys Amundson
Norm and Margaret Anderson
Roy and Jane Arnold
John and Beverly Arthur
Steven and Vickie Athay
Danell Aukerman
Nick and Kristen Azner
Nancye Ballard
Tom and Ann Bateman
Ben and Jane Bates
Jan Baumgartner
Gilbert and Elinor Beck
Wendy Beck Nichols
Beverley Beckley
Mary Lou Beemer
Ms. B. A. Beierle
Owen and Ruth Bentley
Richard Bergeman
Steve and Dyna Besse
Julie and Ken Bielman
Norman and Patricia Bishop
Eric and Judy Blackledge
Sue C. Block and Hank Wright
Patrick and Elizabeth Boren
Les and Barbara Boudreaux
Beverly Brassfield
Fred and Mary Brauti
Bill and Kay Brennan
Donna and Ray Brokken
John and Peggy Brophy
David and Margy Buchanan
Kitty and John Buchner
Edwin A. Bump and Nancy
Jill Burnette
Karyle Butcher
Judy Ann Butler
Bruce and Kathy Byram
John and Shirley Byrne
Meg Campbell
Patrick and Irma Delson Canan
Angela and Marlan Carlson
Lynee Carpenter
Tom Carrico
Betty and Emery Castle
Brooks and Rita Cavin
Karla and Bill Chambers
Ken and Henny Chambers
Dr. and Mrs. Hsichao Chow
Margaret G and Joseph M. Claire
Ann Staley and Courtney Cloyd
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Coleman
Kathryn and Douglas Collins
Debra and Gary Conety
Dr. George Constantine
Ellen Copeland
William and Jane Corcoran
Robert C. and Colleen Corcoran
Joan Corcoran
Ms. Laurie Cracraft
Herbert and Linda Crew
Geraldine Custer
David and Suzanne Cutsforth
Cindy Dahl and Chuck Thierheimer
Ben and Alexis Danley
May Dasch
Karen Davis
Neil and Nadine Davison
Irving and Martha Dayton
Joanne Deazley
Carroll and Gerry DeKock
Harold and Merry Demarest
Rev. John J. and Nancy S. Dennis
Pat and Jay Dixon
Dock No. 2 Design
David J. Dodson
Sylvia Donovan
Dennis and Carol Douglas
Steven A. Durdan
Jack and Pamela Duren
Patricia K. Eaton

Sara and Rob Egbert
Helen and Lyle Ellis
Gary Epping
Carol Erickson
John and Ellie Erkkila
Robert and Ellen Ethington
Norman J. and Marian Eveleth
John and Dorothy Fenner
Anna and James Fowler
Rod and Ruby Frakes
Linda Lewis and Frank Arms
Walter A. Frankel and Curtis L. Kiefer
The Franklin Conklin Foundation
Doug and Patricia Wilson Foley
Martha Fraundorf
Clive Frazier
Peter and Judy Freeman
Cyrel Gable
Mary and Michael Gallagher
Tom and Pat Gallagher
Peter and Sara Gelser
Dick and Sandy Gerding
Marcia and Charles Gilson
Mrs. Marlene Gloege
Bret and Diana Godfrey
Paul and Sharon Goodmonson
Peggy Marie Goracke
John and Debbie Griesmeyer
Marsha C. Gulick
Linda and Earl Hadfield
Cliff and Gay Hall
Janis and Mark Halsey
Lisa and Taylor Halverson
Judy and Bob Hannigan
James Harper
Roy and Anne Hart
Rod and Doris Harvey
Susan and Jonathan Hayes
Charlotte Headrick
Kathy and Ed Heath
Joanne Henness
Ed W. Hennings
Lois Henton
Liz Hoffman and Jack Strukel
Bill and Lynda Hohenboken
Zane O. and Sonja D. Holmes
Zoe Ann Holms
Mark M. Howland
Peter Howland
Mike and Carol Huntington
Robin Huselton
Lyle and Sharon Hutchens
John W. and Sue Ann Irving
Ken and Betty Iverson
Duane and Heather Jager
Linda Jewett and Tony Ashby
W. Curtis and Susan S. Johnson
Pete and Rosalie Johnson
Jim and Judy Juntunen
Cordelia A Kearl
Leonard and Connie Kearney
Steven and Norma Jean Kearsley
Sharon and Andrew King
Alon and Carol Klamkin
Nancy and Peter Klingeman
Tom and Kiki Klipfel
Glenn Klein‡
Eric and Pat Knutson
Paul and Janet Komar
The Konick Family
Barb Kralj and Mark Mastler
Jerry and Vida Krantz
Carol Kronstad
Judy Krueger
Josh and Kezzie Kvidt
John and Judy Ladd
Ms. Margaret Lang
Janet and Robert Larkin
Stephen P. Larson
William J. and Carol K. Lawson
Roger and Whitney Lindquist
Sara and Aaron Liston
David and Susan Livingston
David Livingston and Gary Feuerstein

Gregory and Susan Lockwood
Dr. and Mrs. Leon Malkin
David and Jane Loomis
Janice Lorenzen
Bill and Jeanette Maier
Mike and Shari Maksud
Joe and Lois Malango
Sally and Ken Malueg
Julie Manning
Ron and Ann Marek
Lorraine Martin and Marilyn J. Ervin
Tricia and Bruce Martin
Sue Mason
Catherine and Christopher Mathews
David and Eileen Maxfield
Sally McBride
Patty and Tom McClintock
Floyd and Beverly McFarland
Craig and Verda McFarlane
Katie McGee
Chris McKay
Cat McKenzie and Vince Zettler
Barbara McMinds
Bill and Tammy Mercer
Larry and Kathie Merriam‡
Mrs. Fred Merryfield
Tom and Suzanne Millan
Emily and Paul Miller
Betty Emery Miner
Linda Modrell and Keith McCreight
Art and Jean Morgan
Monroe Tree Farm
Frank C. Morris
Kaye Munford
Rochelle Murphy
John and Linda Myers
Carol Nelson
Joyce and Michael Nesson
Natalie Newlove
Bob and Pat Newton
Karl and Patricia Nice
NW Farm Credit Services
Darrell and Dena Oakes
Richard L. and Betty M. O’Brien
Nellie and Dennis Oehler
Geraldine Olson
Nancy Orcutt
Suzanne V. Ortiz
Jo Overton
Pacific NW Association of Church Librarians
Don and Jo Ellen Parker
Wayne Parker‡
Mario and Alma Pastega Family Foundation
Bill and Janet Paul
Jerry and Judith Paul
Margot and George Pearson
Allen and Jean Peters
Jack W. Peters and Tina M. Luskey
Shirley and Spencer Peterson
Neal L. and Joni Peterson
Steven and Posy Pettigrew/Frances B. Woodcock
Meta and Todd Phillips
Wayne and Verlyne Phillips
Dale and Linda Pillsbury
Douglas K. and Carol R. Plambeck
Dow and Peggy Poling
Robert and Susan Poole
Harland Pratt
Ron Prevost
Steve and Sally Price
Rob and Diane Priewe
Hal and Ann Pritchett
Fred and Helen Quale
Marcus and Rebecca Rampton
Mark and Alice Rampton
Robert and Jessica Rampton
Dale Ramsay
Karen Kendall Randolph
James and Lois Rawers
Dan and Amanda Rayfield
Elaine and Bill Rea
Mrs. Birdie Reetz
Linda Rehn and Neil Cox
Kathleen and Gordon Reistad
Damaris Peck Reynolds‡
Doris Rhodes
William G. and Karla Robbins
Paul and Mary Ann Roberts
Jack Ross
Louise Hammer Rossi
Jean S. Roth
Lee Rudisill
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Saling


Jane and Norman Schlittler
Dianne Schmidt
Carl and Jacque Schreck
Lois Schudel
Margaret L. Schudel and Emily Wegener
Yolanda Schudel
Edna Schultz
Anne Schuster
Mike and Sheila Schweizer
Peter and Jeanette Scott
Jim and Julie Searcy
Averil Seely
Peter and Linda Sekermestrovich
Dr. Mary Alice Seville
Richard and Louise Shaw
Virginia L. Sheridan Henkle Assoc.
Jean Shoemaker
Joyce Signer
Robert L. and Lisa F. Silbernagel
Ann and Bill Smart
Jeanne Smith and Loretta Robinson
Linda and Court Smith
Patricia and Robert Smythe
Cynthia Spencer and Patrick Hadlock
Amy and Tom Spies
Myron Stahl
Starker Forests, Inc.
Kristin Starnes
Mr. George Stovall
Ken and Carol Stueve
Alan I. Sugawara
Lois A. Swanson
Jan and Terry Tallis
Marolyn Tarrant
Georgann Taylor
Ron and Sandra Thiesen
Harvey and Beth Thoennes
Darrah and Barbara Thomas
Dave and Marjorie Thomas
Gary and Yvonne Thomas
Gene and Charlotte Thompson
Janice Thompson
Nancy Tolin
Mark A. Tolonen
Jean Townes and Thomas Smith
Beverly Trappe
Cliff and Jo Anne Trow
Homer F. Twedt
Jim and Doris Van Olst
Gail and Tony VanderHeide
Jack and Nancy Van deWater
Tony and Louise Van Vliet
Charles and Freda Vars
Tom Verhoeven
Marilyn Victor
Visit Corvallis
Rick Wallace and Patti White
Margaret Walton
Richard and Doris Waring
Barbara and Leonard Weber
Emily R. Wegener
Steve and Chieko Weiler
Gloria Werth
Hugh and Elizabeth White
Valerie White
Ben and Elaine Whiteley
Caroline and Bill Wilkins
John and Pem Winquist
Don and Shirley Wirth
Tom and Mariol Wogaman
Hong Wolfe
Kathryn Wood
Carol Lee Woodstock
Will and Janet Wright
Ron and Kathy Wrolstad
Ralph Wyatt
Bill York
Meda Younger
Irene Zenev
Jon and Merrie Ziady
Priscilla and Donald Zobel
Lanny and Coral Zoeller