Start date and time: April 06 2019, 2:00 pm

End date and time: April 06 2019, 3:00 pm

Additional Information:

Please join us for a free a lecture on the closing day of this photography exhibition, Saturday April 6 at 2pm.

Bayles began photographing loggers – and recording their oral histories – in 1987, at the height of what has been referred to as the Spotted Owl War. “I was tired of seeing how the loggers, the guys on the ground, were getting bashed by the media,” he says. “I wanted to present them as real people, as fathers and husbands, doing honest, dangerous work.”  Falling Trees and Sap in Their Veins is particularly appropriate for Benton County Museum, which is located in a West coast timber community.  Bayles’ photography depicts a forested landscape in transition and, through honest portraits and oral histories, presents another side of the complex story of logging. 

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