Our Mission

The Benton County Historical Society is a nonprofit corporation that operates museum facilities for the preservation of history and culture. Its mission is to:

  • Preserve the material and intellectual culture of Benton County, Oregon, by acquiring and caring for significant collections that illustrate and interpret the history of the area and its relationship to the world.

  • Enrich people’s lives through exhibitions and educational programs.

Our Values

INNOVATION The Society is an innovative, catalytic force in the community.

INCLUSIVENESS Our museum is for the whole community, not just for historians.

STEWARDSHIP We are committed to preserving important cultural resources.

EXCELLENCE We strive to meet the highest standards of the museum profession.

Our Vision

Benton County Historical Society creates engaging and inspiring museum experiences in history, art, technology and culture for everyone!

Our Impact in the World

  • Create a museum environment where people explore culture and history in innovative ways, and envision a future where we learn from the past.

  • Remove barriers to meaningful interaction and learning by presenting diverse voices.

  • Encourage everyone to find and pursue their personal interests.

  • Remain relevant to both the community and visitors to our museum