2020 Schedule of Exhibitions

Rip Cronk Retrospective

Nov. 15, 2019 – Jan. 11, 2020

Retrospective art exhibition representing the career of artist and muralist Rip Cronk


The Art of Work      

Jan. 17 – Feb. 29, 2020
Collaboration with AAAg

Art of Work is a collaborative exhibition featuring art from the permanent collections of both Oregon State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences' Art About Agriculture program and Benton County Historical Society.  The artwork chosen for the exhibition represent industries such as gardening, farming, cattle production, timber management, mining, scientific research, boat building, shipping and fishing.

Art by Darrel Austin, Rich Bergeman, Louis Bunce, Sally Cleveland, Jonnel Covault, Jon Jay Cruson, Sally Finch, Bernice Forest, Martina Gangle, Pamela Harr, Albert Hencke, Lorenzo Ghiglieri, Betty LaDuke, Michael Lawrence, Charles M. Leach,  W. F. McIlwraith, Eldon R. “Ole” Olin, Louis C. Raymond, Nelson Sandgren, Frances Stilwell, Hugh Webb and Leslie Wu will be included in the exhibition.


Monterey Jazz Festival Posters by Earl Newman         

March 13-August 8, 2020

Silkscreen artist Earl Newman began designing and producing annual Monterey Jazz Festival posters in 1963. Unlike mass-produced machine prints, each silk-screen print is made by hand. Five decades of Monterey Jazz Festival posters are represented in this exhibition. The Smithsonian Institution maintains a complete set of Newman's MJF posters in it's art collection, as does Benton County Historical Society.


Flow of Woven Light     

August 14-Sept 19, 2020

Inspired by visible and invisible traces of light waves, this is an exhibition of Joan Truckenbrod's current hand digital Jacquard weaving embodying the ephemeral trajectories of light. As particles of light move through the natural environment, reflecting off of the undulating surface of water, transforming as they travel through a stream, and creating dynamic shadows with wind currents.

Joan Truckenbrod’s work has been exhibited at the IBM Gallery in New York City, the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., Museu de Arte Moderna in Rio de Janeiro, Musee d'Art Modern de la ville de Paris, Les Cite des Arts et des Nouvelles Technologies de Montreal, and the Villa Chianni in Lugano, Switzerland. Her work has been shown in one person exhibits in Paris, London, Wiesbaden and Berlin, Germany, Chicago, and Kansas City.

Collections including her artwork are the Digital Collection at the Whitney, the Textile Department at The Art Institute of Chicago, the Block Museum of Art at Northwestern University, the Illinois State Museum and Northern Illinois University Museum of Art. In addition Parade Publications in New York and ISA Holding in London include her work in their collections.

Joan’s artist statement: “My artwork creates an intuitive conduit between technology and nature, ... simultaneously injecting each into the other. I am constantly intrigued by the physical sensations of invisible yet palpable phenomena in the natural world, imaging these ephemeral, transient experiences, creating physical artworks from digital drawings to digital fiber and installations. Developing algorithms embodying mathematical descriptions of these phenomena in nature, translating them into code, creating artwork that materializes this data.”


Righting a Wrong: Japanese Americans and World War II

August 21, 2020 - through December 2020

The Philomath Museum announces it will host the Smithsonian poster exhibition “Righting a Wrong: Japanese Americans and World War II” opening August 21, 2020.  A closing date has not yet been established. The exhibition examines the complicated history and impact of Executive Order 9066 that led to the incarceration of Japanese Americans following the attack on Pearl Harbor. Embracing themes that are as relevant today as they were 75 years ago, “Righting a Wrong” looks at immigration, prejudice, civil rights, heroism and what it means to be an American. The poster exhibition centers around eight core questions that encourage viewers to engage in a dialogue about how this happened, and could it happen again. The exhibition will also include colorful and diverse kimono from the private collection of Corvallis artist Karen Illman Miller.


Philomath Open Studios

Sept. 25 - Nov. 7, 2020

The annual Philomath Open Studio Tour (POST) is a unique opportunity to visit with artists in their studios, see work in process, and discuss where we find  ideas and inspiration.  Due to the global pandemic, the 2020 tour has been POSTponed until 2021.  We will, however, have an exhibition at the Philomath Museum. Please come see our recent work and consider it a preview of great things to come.

Artists participating in the Philomath Museum exhibition are Dominique Bachelet, Mimosa Beck, Sydney Burton, Dale Donovan, Dale Dreager, Debi Friedlander, John Friedlander, Mark Gillespie, Jeff Gunn, Marcella Henkels, Carol Houk, Ann Lahr, Kate McGee, Beth Rietveld, Merrill Sommers, Debby Sundbaum-Sommers, Leslie Tejada, Steve Terhune, and Emily Thomas.


Soap Creek Artisans and Friends         

Nov. 13, 2020 - Jan. 9, 2021

Art exhibition featuring the artists from the Soap Creek region of Benton County, and their invited guest artists.

The Soap Creek Artists are Joe Crocket, Judy Dedek (Moon), Dale Draeger, Sam Hoffman, Vicki Idema and Ann Lahr.

The 2020 guest artists are Rhoda Fleischman and Dominique Bachelet.


No Shrinking Violets     

Jan. 15, 2021 - Feb. 27, 2021

Purple is passionate, opulent, over-the-top, regal, assertive, luxurious, mysterious, expensive, and fantastical.  It's the color of women's suffrage, Roman emperors, noble sacrifice in battle, as well as the color of princes and wizards.  The artists of High Fiber Diet (fiber and fabric artists of NW Oregon and SW Washington) have created "No Shrinking Violets" to speak their passions with a prevalent color of purple.