Oregon's Botanical Landscape

May 6 - June 4, 2011

Oregon's Botanical Landscape, an exhibition of artwork by M. Frances Stilwell, featured native plants painted in their home environments in eight ecoregions in Oregon. The exhibition was open May 6 - June 4, 2011. There was an opening reception Friday, May 6, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.

Imagine what Oregon looked like 200 years ago as you explore artistic renderings of the diverse plant life which existed prior to European settlement. For 25 years, Stilwell has painted native plants throughout Oregon's eight diverse ecoregions. Many of these works were painted and researched for this new exhibition of art, science and history.

The exhibition was supported by the Corvallis Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Oregon. and the Corvallis Environmental Center.

Oregon's Botanical Landscape ecorgion exhibition
Oregon's Botanical Landscape poster
Map and poster design by Glenn Griffith,
Blue Heron Graphics, Corvallis, Oregon


[Oregon Coast Range ecosystem information and art by M. Frances Stilwell]
Oregon Coast Range Ecoregion

Willamette Valley ecoregion artwork
Willamette Valley

Klamath Mountains ecoregion artwork by M. Frances Stilwell
Klamath Mountains

Oregon Cascade Mountain range ecoregion art & science by M. Frances Stilwell

Oregon Cascades Ecoregion

Oregon's Eastern Cascade Mountain Slopes, art by M. Frances Stilwell

Eastern Cascade Slopes

Paintings from Oregon's Blue Mountains ecoregion, USA

Blue Mountains

Columbia Plateau Oregon ecoregion art exhibition at Benton County Historical Society & Museum, Philomath, OR, USA

Columbia Plateau

Oregon Northern Basin and Range ecoregion paintings by Corvallis artist M. Frances Stilwell

Northern Basin and Range