Samplers Across Time and Generations

Samplers Across Time and Generations

Be Davison Herrera's 1956 stitched sampler

A Young Girl's Sampler

Be Davison Herrera, 1956
The Hague, Virginia
Materials: cotton thread on linen
Dimensions: 7.5" H X 9.25" W
Stitches: lazy dazy, chain, cross, running, feather, stem, satin, raised edge buttonhole, outline buttonhole, and French knots
Loaned by: Be Davison Herrera

This sampler demonstrates the owner's knowledge of stitches when she was 13 years old. The sampler is in the tradition of schoolgirl samplers because it was used for learning and documenting a variety of stitches. The sampler was made at the stitcher's birthplace--Linden House at The Hague, Virginia, USA. Instruction and encouragement were provided by the stitcher's grandmother and mother. Bloodstains occurred during construction.

Benton County handspun natural fiber sampler

A Sampler of Handspun Benton County Fibers

Be Davison Herrera, 2005
Benton County, Oregon
Materials: sheep, silk, llama, alpaca fibers on pure cotton mesh canvas
Dimensions: 8.25" H X 8.75" W
Stitches: straight Gobelin
Loaned by: Be Davison Herrera

A sampler with a twist--on display is a variety of fibers and colors instead of a variety of stitches. The fibers in this sampler were hand spun on a Navaho-style spindle. The different fibers include silk, bamboo, Rambouillet, Icelandic and Romney sheep's wool, angora rabbit, angora goat (mohair), llama, and alpaca. Most of the fibers were dyed with Jacquard dyes and then stitched together with straight Gobelin stitch.

Freda Herendeen cross stitch sampler

Life Liberty And The Pursuit of Happiness

Freda Merrick Herendeen, c. 1930
Materials: cotton thread on linen
Dimensions: 11" H X 9" W
Stitches: cross
Loaned by: Judith Roberts

Cross stitch sampler by Judith Herendeen Roberts 2005

Cross Stitch Sampler

Judith Roberts, 2005
Materials: cotton thread on linen
Dimensions: 7.75" H X 10.5" W
Stitches: cross
Loaned by: Judith Roberts

Cross stitch sampler by Amelia Tolonen 2011

First Sampler by ART

Amelia Rose Tolonen, 2011
Materials: cotton thread on cotton
Dimensions: 5.25" diameter
Stitches: cross
Loaned by: Amelia Tolonen

Amelia Rose Tolonen is learning the art of needlework in the spirit of her Scandinavian ancestors. At the age of 6, Amelia took an interest in her dad's work, preparing for the "Samplers International" exhibition at Benton County Museum. Amelia's great-aunt Judith Herendeen Roberts helped her start on a first needlework project--her initials and a cross-stitch heart. Amelia persevered to finish the piece for this exhibition, and has now started on an alphabet sampler from a traditional pattern.

An interest in needlework runs in Amelia's family. Her great-great Aunt Hilma Tolonen Salvon (1895-1984) emigrated from Finland in 1904 and brought with her a passion for embroidery and lace. Guests to Hilma's table enjoyed fresh rye bread at a table set with elegantly embroidered table cloths, napkins, and lace "pitsi" doilies. This passion is shared by Amelia's great-aunt, Judith Roberts. Amelia knows that to be seated at the Roberts' table is a treat, not only for the homemade jam and "Freda Pickles" but also for the fiber arts that decorate the room. Judith accents her decor with samplers, wall hangings, needlepoint coasters, and quilted table runners. Amelia is clearly on track for continuing the family's domestic needlework traditions.