Alphabet Samplers

Alphabet Samplers

Flower alphabet American sampler by Merrie Ziady

ABC's in Flowers

Merrie Ziady, 1974
cotton thread
Dimensions: 13" H X 17" W
Stitches: cross, knots
Loaned by: Merrie Ziady

Merrie Ziady purchased this cross stitch kit in 1975 and stitched it in the same year.

Old English Cottage stitched sampler

Old English Cottage

Kristen McHuron-Guss, 1993
Materials: beads and cotton thread on linen
Dimensions: 19.5" H X 13" W
Stitches: cross, chain, double cross, satin, backstitch

American Alphabet Sampler by Karen Skjei 2000

Alphabet Sampler

Karen Skjei, 2000
Materials: silk and cotton thread on linen
Dimensions: 8.5" H X 9" W
Stitches: cross, satin

The pattern for this sampler was purchased online.

Les Abeilles red on white French stitched sampler

Les Abeilles (French Sampler)

Kristen McHuron-Guss, 2003
Materials: hand-dyed cotton on 28 count linen
Dimensions: 9.5" H X 18" W
Stitches: cross

This sampler is stitched in the tradition of historic French red and white samplers. It was the stitcher's first try at a French red sampler. The linen was purchased in France and was a gift. The original French alphabet is used; note that there is not a "J" or "W". Missing the "J" is common on historical samplers, as it was a later addition to the alphabet. The "W" was also added to the alphabet later, to accommodate words of foreign origin.

American alphabet sampler by Freda Vars Oregon USA

Traditional Alphabet Sampler

Freda Vars, 1991-2011
Materials: cotton thread on linen
Dimensions: 15" H X 9.75" W
Stitches: cross

This sampler is similar to many early alphabet samplers stitched by young girls in school. The sampler is stitched on "antique" linen and features four alphabets, numerals, and a geometric floral border. It is worked in two strands of cotton floss over two threads of linen.

The stitcher's interest in making a sampler began after seeing one dated 1796 that had been passed down in her husband's Rhode Island family. She found a pattern in a book from the Corvallis library, bought the fabric at Friendship Crossing and started the project in 1991. Twenty years later, across two centuries and many other cross stitch projects, the museum's call for samplers inspired her to finish. The dates at the bottom indicate the start and finish of the sampler. Freda Vars lives in Corvallis, Oregon.

Sampler by Kim Lewis

Alphabet Sampler

Kim Lewis
Dimensions: 7.5" H X 5.25" W
Loaned by Be Davison Herrera

A contemporary primitive style sampler designed to look like it was stitched by a young girl. It was found at a yard sale.