Early English Band Samplers

Early English Band Samplers

English Band Sampler by Kristen McHuron-Guss

Homestead Sampler

Kristen McHuron-Guss, 1997
Materials: silk thread on 29 count linen
Dimensions: 14.75" H X 6.25" W
Stitches: cross, Montenegrin, long-arm cross, double back stitch, Rhodes hearts, cutwork-linen interlacing, herringbone, 4-sided, 3-sided, Smyrna, cutwork-wrapped bars and dove's eye, double running, French knot, and satin.

Anna Depaw sampler

Anna Depaw Sampler

Kristen McHuron-Guss, 1999
Materials: beads and silk thread on 35 count linen
Dimensions: 16.5" H X 8" W
Stitches: cross, double running, back stitch, Algerian eye, double running, satin (long and short), long-arm cross, 4-sided, and variation of herringbone

The original sampler is dated 1714 and was stitched by Anna DePaw. In keeping with early band samplers, the alphabets did not have a U and J. These were added by the stitcher of this modified reproduction. She also centered the verse and corrected the misspelled words. The verse is from Proverbs 31, v. 30-31, and was very popular on 17th and early 18th century band samplers. It reads:

"Favor is deceitful and beauty is vain. But a woman that feareth the Lord she shall be praised. Give her the fruit of her hands and let her own works praise her in the gates."

The sampler includes a second verse:

"Delight thou in the Lord and He shall give thee thy Heart's Desire."

English Band Sampler

English Band Sampler

Kristen McHuron-Guss, 1999
Materials: silk and perle cotton thread on 36 count linen
Dimensions: 21.25" H X 6" W
Stitches: cross, alternating double back stitch, long-arm cross, double back stitch, 4-sided, faggot, satin, double running, buttonhole bars, diamond eye, Montenegrin, rice, straight stitch, Ceylon, detached buttonhole, cutwork, queen.

Verse: "Be clothed with humility for God resisteth the proud and giveth grace to the humble."

Midnight Sonata stitched sampler 2000

Midnight Sonata Sampler

Kristen McHuron-Guss, 2000
Materials: silk thread on linen
Dimensions: 14" H X 7.5" W
Stitches: cross, Montenegrin, long-arm cross, double back stitch, Irish, bound slant, satin, French knot, double running, faggot, alternating double back stitch, 4-sided, Algerian eye, diagonal cross, 3-sided, tent, mosiac, and hem

Bands of Many Colors sampler

Bands of Many Colors

Kristen McHuron-Guss, 2003-2004
Materials: silk thread on linen
Dimension: 20.75" H X 4.5" W
Stitches: cross, small cross, queen, Algerian eye, diamond eye, flat, tent, Irish, long-arm cross, 4-sided, Montenegrin cross, double cross, plait, small plait, 2-sided Italian cross, satin, rice, hem, double running, chequer, hollie point, back, buttonhole bars.

This sampler is typical of band samplers from the 1700s. The verse reads:

"Let her who cares for needlework and wishes to perform the same,
Learn thoroughly and never shirk, and she'll obtain both praise and fame."

The bottom band recognizes the sampler group that completed this sampler together.

"Shared in friendship, our sampler guild, Judy, Joan, Betty Ann, Fern, Kelley, Kris, of Linn-Benton county, Oregon, 2003-2004."

Stewart England sampler

The Stewart England Sampler

Kristen McHuron-Guss, 2001-2003
Materials: silk and perle cotton thread on 32 count linen
Dimensions: 13.75" H X 7.75" W
Stitches: cross, satin, rice, long-arm cross, upright Gobelin, Irish, and queen. There is a large section of double running/blackwork. The cutwork is a type of stitching called Reticella. Detached buttonhole, picots, and wrapped/woven bars were used in this section.

The verse recognizes the sampler group. "Shared in friendship by Judy, Betty Add, Fern, Joan, Kris, of Corvallis, Oregon."

Celtic Band stitched sampler

Celtic Band Sampler

Kimberly Hart, 2008
Materials: cotton thread on linen
Stitches: cross, blackwork
Dimensions: 23.25" H X 8.25" W

Pattern by Homespun Sampler