Historic Reproduction Samplers

Historic Reproduction Samplers

20th century cat sampler in museum artifact collection

Cat Sampler

Bernice White Robison, 1962
Materials: Cotton thread on 30 count linen
Dimensions: 23" H X 19" W
Stitches: Cross
Collection of the Benton County Historical Society Collection

This sampler was stitched in Winslow, Arizona from a chart in the May 1961 Woman's Day magazine. The sampler is a modified reproduction of a sampler in the Brooklyn Museum, stitched by Eliza Ann Edwards in 1826.

20th century reproduction of 18th century cross stitch sampler

A Good Name

Joyce Skogen, 1990
Materials: Cotton thread on linen
Dimensions: 10.25" H X 9" W
Stitches: Cross
Loaned by: Joyce Skogen

This sampler is a reproduction of an antique sampler originally stitched in 1789. Joyce Skogen stitched this in 1990 for her father, a man who valued a good name. He died in 2007.

Reproduction Deer Sampler

Deer Sampler - Ann Hair

Kristen McHuron-Guss, 2001
Materials: Silk thread on 40 count linen
Dimensions: 19" H X 14" W
Stitches: Cross, counted satin, eyelet, long and short stitches, double running, 4-sided, Rhodes square, and rice.

This is a reproduction of a sampler originally stitched by Ann Hair in 1762. The original is in the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, England. The verse reads:

"All you my friends that now expect to see a piece of work thus performed by me, cast but a smile upon my small endeavor I'll strive to mind and be obedient ever.

Then I'll not be proud of my youth nor my beauty since both of them wither and fade, but gain a good name by doing well my duty this will scent like a rose when I am dead.

Blessed by the Lord that sent His son to take our flesh and blood, He for our lives gave up His own to make our peace with God.

In all misfortunes this advantage lies, Make us humble and they make us wise. Let's bear it calmly tho' a grievous woe and still adore the hand that gives the blow.

Long live the king. Long live the gracious queen. Our grateful isle perpetually shall sing, transported see that she can boast alone the happiest pair upon the brightest throne.

Let title be the name of truth this is the practice of thy youth. With care and court I have this wrought and finished with a virgin thought."

Quaker Sampler motif

Susan Patterson's Quaker Sampler

Susan Patterson, 2008
Materials: Silk thread on 40 count linen
Dimensions: 12" H X 9.5" W
Stitches: Cross over two, cross over one, eyelet

This sampler includes alphabets and motifs associated with samplers stitched in schools founded by Quaker educators. The sampler was stitched over a 2-year period during the Carolina Sample Guild (Charlotte, North Carolina) study of Quaker samplers. It was designed by Susan Patterson and includes several Quaker half medallions, a motif unique to Quaker samplers. In addition, the sampler includes a Carolina Sampler Guild medallion, miscellaneous smaller motifs, initials of family members, a darning piece with the year 2008 surrounding it, alphabets with some ligatures (letter combinations) and a pious verse.