In Celebration: Christmas

In Celebration: Christmas

Christmas 1983 cross stitch sampler


Leone Bowman Nicholson, 1983
Materials: Cotton thread on cotton
Dimensions: 12.75" H X 10.5" W
Stitches: Cross, double running
Loaned by: Kimberly Hart

Christmas 1993 Santa Clause alphabet sampler


Walter Frankel, 1993
Materials: Cotton thread, metallic blending filament, beads and star ornament on linen
Dimensions: 10.5" H x 13.25" W
Stitches: Cross, 1/2 cross, running, daisy, backstitch

Christmas 2008 stitched sampler

Christmas Sampler

Kimberly Hart, 2008
Materials: Cotton and wool thread on linen, with beads
Dimensions: 19" H X 21" W
Stitches: Cross, straight

Pattern by Butternut Road