Louis Southworth Tells His Story
FOR KIDS! Discover more about the world around you!

Louis Southworth aka "Uncle Lou" lived in Oregon a long time ago when Oregon was becoming a state. He was born into slavery because his mother was a slave. He was brought by his master on the Oregon Trail. He earned enough money by playing his fiddle to buy his freedom. Hear what his life was like, listen to music from his time. Listen carefully, how much money did he pay for his freedom? After the video, please write down 2 questions that you have, try using your best handwriting. Then ask a grown up your questions. A photo of Louis Southworth with his fiddle is on display in the new Corvallis Museum. Click the video to start, it's 6 minutes long. 

There are many questions people have after they watch this video.

How much money did Uncle Lou pay his master for his freedom?  

Please write down 2 questions that you have. Then ask a grown up your questions. Try using your best handwriting.