Museums Forever Endowment

Now, and Forever

The Benton County Historical Society’s mission to preserve our material culture — art, history, natural history, photographs, objects, and archives — is ongoing. Every year, we collect important artifacts to add to our collection of 120,000 objects curated in the Peter and Rosalie Johnson Collections Center on our Philomath campus. And, we have a mandate as a public, educational institution to preserve our collections … forever.

The Society (est. 1951) has a long-term, proven track record of accomplishments. We established a museum in the Philomath College building in 1980, which we still operate as an art gallery and research facility. After acquiring the extensive Horner Collection from Oregon State University in 2008 — including our museum mascot, Bruce the Moose — we successfully launched and finished a $15 million campaign to build the beautiful Corvallis Museum, completed in 2020. This museum expansion has given us the opportunity to share our vast, eclectic collections with students, tourists, and our community in this stunning, modern Allied Works Architecture-designed museum.

Forever Yours

As we have expanded, so have our needs. Our next step is to build our endowment funds from their current $1 million value to $10 million by 2025 to support the long-term stability of the Society. We are turning to the Society’s friends, enthusiasts, and loyal supporters to grow these funds and ensure our future. Your gift will be added to our restricted investment funds that provide regular payouts to support ongoing collections care, facilities maintenance, programming, exhibitions and operations.

Together Forever!

When you contribute to the Museums Forever Endowment Fund, your gift to the Society and Museums is forever. Through your generosity, your legacy will live on. And, you’ll help grow and sustain the Society’s future funding. Thank you!

How to Donate

For more information about the Museums Forever Endowment, please contact Jessica Hougen, Executive Director, at [email protected].
A variety of flexible donation options are available.