The Benton County Historical Society is fortunate to have many dedicated Board members and volunteers. Our capital campaign fundraising success and overall progress is due to their dedication and enthusiasm.

Thank you to all!

Campaign Committee Members

Ann Smart, Co-Chair
Rod Harvey, Co-Chair
Chris D'Arcy, Campaign Advisor
Susan Klinkhammer
Alice Rampton
Mike Schweizer, President, BCHS Board of Trustees
Jo Anne Trow
Rick Wallace
Irene Zenev, BCHS Executive Director

Leadership Gifts Committee

Alice Rampton, Chair
Rod Harvey
Ron Marek
Bill Mercer
George Pearson
Margot Pearson
Neal Peterson
Ann Smart
Cliff Trow
Jo Anne Trow


Board of Trustees

Mike Schweizer, President
Tom Gallagher, Vice President
Marlys Amundson, Secretary
Duane Jager, Treasurer
Sandy Gerding
Rod Harvey
Janet Nishihara
Neal Peterson
Lois Rawers
Kristin Starnes
Marilyn Starker
Jo Anne Trow
Rick Wallace
Natchee Barnd, Advisor
Alice Rampton, Advisor

Community Campaign Committee

Doug Collins
Kathryn Collins
Jay Conroy
Rod Harvey
Susan Klinkhammer
Mark Rampton
Ann Smart
Tony Van Vliet